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This new year, we want to continue doing our bit and collaborate with different entities that work for a fairer and better world. Commitment to the society around us and social responsibility are fundamental in our daily work and way of thinking. 


Morgui Clima has decided to collaborate with 5 non-profit associations in the fields of health, science and research, the social sector and animal protection. Read below a brief description of these NGOs: 

An initiative that has been consolidated for more than 30 years. Last December, it raised more than €9 million for research in the field of mental health.

Foundation that leads social and educational action projects with the most vulnerable families.

Entity that works so that people with intellectual disabilities have a quality life.

Association that promotes respect for animals and defends their interests and their right to life and freedom.

Foundation that works to improve the quality of life of those affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Multifocal Motor Neuropathy and their families, and to fight for ALS/MMN to be curable.

 logos solidaritat

In addition, we have also sponsored and collaborated with two cultural associations:

Association that works all year round to maintain the tradition of the nativity scene and share it with the whole city.

Promotes the Catalan language as a tool for social cohesion.


The passion, professionalism and effort with which these organizations work identify us 100%, and for this reason we encourage you to get to know the activities they carry out and to collaborate with them as far as possible.

We are driven by the desire to build a better and more prosperous society.


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Ventilation of enclosed spaces where a significant number of people are concentrated is vital. Renewing the air indoors helps to maintain good air quality and enhance people's well-being.

For this reason, ventilation and air treatment is a priority in all facilities and buildings. In order to carry out a correct air renewal, among many other elements such as pipes, diffusers or filters, a ventilation box is necessary. 

Morgui Clima manufactures its own ventilation boxes with high quality materials that guarantee reliable and efficient operation and effective maintenance. 

The CUBIC ventilation box incorporates a double inlet centrifugal fan and motor drive. This VCTM centrifugal fan with action blades is of the semi-reinforced (SR) type up to model 18/18 and reinforced from model 20/20 onwards. Its structure is solid and robust, with improved isolation of the fan and motor from the rest of the casing. It is made of galvanized sheet steel, and the side covers are hinged and made of galvanized or lacquered steel.

The CUBIC enclosure incorporates an elastic anti-vibration seal with 400º/2 h resistance for the discharge port. This component minimizes the vibrations of the box and therefore reduces noise considerably.



The CUBIC model is designed to supply or extract air in indoor spaces without natural ventilation. Some examples of common places where constant air renewal is unavoidable are kitchens and restaurants, shops, gyms, offices, hospitals, warehouses or industry in general.

The CUBIC ventilation box by Morgui Clima allows you to renew the atmosphere of a room without disturbing noises. With CUBIC you ensure silent mechanical ventilation in coexistence with the activity taking place in a given space.

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The CUBIC ventilation box is the indispensable element for ventilation systems. With the Morgui Clima CUBIC box, we renew the air we breathe without being noticed. 

What better way to provide people with peace of mind, comfort, health and well-being?


The air we breathe directly affects our health and well-being. This statement, which has been widely known for years, has become all the more meaningful since the outbreak of the pandemic. 

Nowadays, indoor air quality is a priority issue in building ventilation installations. In urban environments, where a large part of the population lives, a lot of time is spent indoors, and precisely for this reason, it is essential to ensure good air quality with efficient and safe systems. 


Morgui Clima specializes in air treatment (ventilation and filtration) and instrumentation for the control and monitoring of air quality. It offers advanced solutions to create healthy and comfortable environments for different sectors: education, hospitals and residences, offices, hospitality and retail.   

Our team of specialists recommends monitoring the air in enclosed spaces with CO₂ detectors to be able to anticipate and act on air quality. This equipment is designed to detect CO₂ concentration, as well as temperature and relative humidity. Following health recommendations, they incorporate NDIR sensors that work using infrared technology. This type of sensor provides greater precision, durability and less interference from other substances in the readings.


Plug & Play detectors have been designed to be easily installed, they only need to be connected to the AC power supply and do not require any programming. They are devices that allow a customized configuration: with stainless steel handy table stand, with display and LED level indicator. They are self-calibrating, with readings of up to 2,000 ppm and +50 °C, and with the capacity to control ventilation systems by means of digital signals.



Morgui Clima also ensures that the plug&play detectors meet all European health and quality requirements, as the equipment is manufactured entirely in Europe, and all have a 5-year guarantee.

Controlling these parameters is a commitment to people's health, well-being and comfort, which translates into better work performance. By measuring air quality, we achieve healthy buildings and healthy people.


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Originally published in Portal Digital de Eficiencia Energética y Sostenibilidad.


In many hospitality projects, there is still a common mistake of thinking the kitchen as an invisible area to customers and reserved only for kitchen staff. Nothing could be further from the truth. The trend for years has been to open up the kitchen to the rest of the restaurant, to show itself to all diners.


If we start from this idea, we have to think differently when designing kitchens, bearing in mind that the kitchen will be a visible part of the project and will share the same space. For this, we must think about its aesthetic integration and ensure its performance in smoke extraction.

The VOLT system provides a solution to this essential binomial. Firstly, its minimalist design offers a luxurious and elegant appearance. Secondly, its extraction and filtration efficiency is guaranteed as in the entire range of industrial hoods for the hospitality industry by Morgui Clima. This system is designed for high-end kitchens, showcookings and is also adaptable to semi-domestic formats and even wall-mounted. 


With filter collectors placed on four sides, the VOLT system offers a perimeter air suction, ready to perform effectively at its best in industrial kitchens. Its design allows controlled air extraction from the entire kitchen work surface. In addition, it can be manufactured with exterior air intake by means of a plenum box with punched front panels, and designed so that the air flow surfaces avoid noise due to air velocity, unnecessary pressure losses and unpleasant draughts. The plenum box is thermally insulated to prevent condensation due to temperature differences. 


Like most Morgui Clima products, VOLT is highly versatile and customizable. In particular, this system allows full configuration of the LED lighting to suit the chef's taste. The base model has IP65 LEDs in the central part to improve visibility in the work area, but it is possible to incorporate one or more IP54 recessed rectangular luminaires in the centre. It is also possible to add 2 linear LED strips along the length of the hood to increase the visual clarity of the surroundings.  


As standard, there are three Morgui extractor hood models that can be converted into a VOLT system: the SLIM, BERET and VILAK hoods; 310, 400 and 500 mm high respectively. Consequently, the VOLT system has the characteristics, features and quality materials of Morgui's industrial hoods. Some specifications are highlighted below: 

  • Construction and welding in a single piece up to 7 m in length, thus reducing assembly time, eliminating dripping between joints and non-visible points of dirt. 

  • Manufactured from 1 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel. Double folding at all sheet metal ends prevents any accidental cuts. No hidden screws or strange edges for easier cleaning.

  • Its tubular structure makes the unit more robust.

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The VOLT system provides a custom-designed extraction system tailored to your needs. Manufacture and delivery is about two to four weeks, depending on size and customization. 

Personalization, design and distinction in your projects with a perfect perimeter aspiration. This is the VOLT system.


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