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These are the 5 most read news in our blog throughout the past year 2019.

As usual for these dates, we like to review the statistics of the news and articles that we share promptly with our entire community.

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Below you have the opportunity to read some of the most outstanding articles of this past 2019. Here is our TOP 5:

1. New Extrator Hood Xerta

With the aim of continuing to meet the needs of our customers and offer products that respond to their requirements, we have designed the new XERTA extractor hood.

 2. LED Lighting for Extractor Hoods

The LED revolution is already a fact. Its performance, durability and energy savings are factors that no longer can be overlooked in an industrial kitchen.

3. Our Wishes for 2019
This past 2019 we wanted to continue contributing with different entities that work for a fairer and better world.

4. 22nd Anniversary of Morgui Clima
It has been more than 2 decades of effort and perseverance to offer our customers a close and quality service. Thanks to customers, suppliers and collaborators for following us.

5. New Produal Proxima Wireless Range
The wireless future and our new generation of Produal Proxima® MESH solutions will make you rely on building automation without cables.

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Building Information Modeling, is a digital model that allows the integral management of engineering and building projects integrating the facilities from conception to execution and subsequent maintenance.

Since 2016, the I+D department of Morgui Clima has constantly invested in the development of a work environment based on BIM technology with the determination of the rules and requirements of each project.

We are specifically a good component library that describes our products, generated with Autodesk BIM REVIT software. This allows us to make a more precise, real and specific computer-assisted installation design.



campana beret        BERET   Beret Extractor Hood: 400mm height and filters 490x400x50mm.  


       UNIC 400   Ventilation box with built-in 400º/2h fan and motor to transmission.
campana vilak        VILAK   Vilak Extractor Hood: 500mm height and filters 490x490x50mm.  


       BASIC   Ventilation box with built-in double hear fan and motor to transmission.
campana garos        GAROS   Garos Extractor Hood: 400/500/610mm height. Filters according to model.   cajacubic        CUBIC   Ventilation box with built-in double hear fan and motor to transmission.
campana sils        SILS   Sils Extractor Hood: 390mm height and filters 490x400x50mm.  


       CD   Ventilation box with centrifugal fan and motor to incorporated to axis.
campana horno        HORNO   Horno Extractor Hood: 310/390/500mm height. Filters according to model.   cajaclass        CD CLASS   Ventilation box with centrifugal fan and motor to incorporated to axis.
campana slim        SLIM   Slim Extractor Hood: 310mm height and filters 490x250x25mm.            
campana blok        BLOK   Blok Extractor Hood: 520/650mm height and filters 490x490x50mm.            



Summary of the functionality of Revit .rfa and .rvt models.


Horari estiu

Morgui Clima is still at your disposal throughout the summer. If you need to place an order or pick up a material you can visit us at our facilities in Calle Monturiol, 11-13, Badalona - 08918.

Customer service hours throughout the month of August will be from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Exceptionally, on August 15 and 16 we will be closed for local festivity. And from September first, we will be back to our usual hours of service to the public.

For any additional clarification, consultation or technical advice, do not hesitate to contact us through the form on our website, the customer service telephone 93.460.75.75, or by writing to us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and one of our consultants will attend you immediately.

If you are or you're going on vacation, happy holidays!


The wireless future is currently here - our next-generation Produal Proxima® MESH solution will be creating reliability for wireless building automation!

Deliveries of the first wireless Proxima products have started. Easy commissioning and reliability of the system has already been noted and recognised in our pilot installations. We will be offering one of the widest wireless option portfolios on the market. 

Combination of reliability and scalability: Our intelligent, self-healing MESH network is routing data to building automation in the shortest and most energy-efficient way, from up to 100 wireless transmitters. Dedicated wireless applications can be built easily as transmitters are simply rerouting themselves if their current connection is interrupted.

Wireless interferences will no longer be a problem: Fully implementing the patented digital technology (FPCC), wireless interferences are taken out of the range equation. The algorithm continuously listens to other wireless devices operating in the same frequency spectrum and the whole mesh network adapts to it, using free frequencies. Continuous network monitoring ensures the best possible connection across a wider area than ever before. 

The first battery-operated mesh network on the market, with extended battery life: The system needs no external power supply for routing nodes.Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, re-transmissions can be kept to minimum. This enables ultra-low energy consumption and battery lifetime up to 8 years.

Easy mobile commissioning and remote updates: With the Produal MyTool® application you can set up the whole wireless network - easily and wirelessly. Commissioning of the wireless Proxima MESH network is quick and easy through your standard mobile device. Remote software updates can be done with firmware over-the-air (FOTA).

Check here all Produal Wireless Proxima equipment.

Discover the PUMP Proxima platform of Produal through this video.

And follow Produal on your You Tube channel.

Do you need more technical information about PROXIMA WIRELESS from PRODUAL? Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our technicians will contact you. Or call us at 93.460.75.75, we will be happy to assist you.

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