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Sometimes projects are rushed and everything is urgent in order to meet construction deadlines. This is why Morgui Clima introduced the concept of "welded hoods in stock" years ago.

The SILS R hood is the industrial hood with an immediate delivery time. Morgui Clima always has this model in stock, ready to leave our warehouses and be installed.

What is the SILS R like?

It is a wall-mounted extractor hood designed for extraction in small industrial kitchens or hostelry facilities. It has a good extraction capacity and is manufactured, like all Morgui models, in 1 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel and welded in a single piece. 

The SILS R hood is manufactured in standardized sizes every 250 mm, from a minimum length of 1.05 M to a maximum of 3 M. The depths are also standard: 700, 800, 900, 1,000 and 1,100 mm, depending on the bottom of the cooking block. And its overall height is 400 mm.

The SILS R is designed with a tubular structure for greater robustness. It has double folding at all sheet metal edges to avoid all kinds of accidental cuts. 

No hidden screws, joints or odd edges for easy cleaning. It also has a perimeter channel for collecting grease connected to the lower tray without the possibility of dripping.

In addition, it can optionally be fitted with a light.                    

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If you need a functional hood, with quality finishes and immediate delivery time, your best option is a SILS R.


garos inductora


In 2021, Morgui Clima is once again introducing a new extractor hood model for industrial kitchens.

With the aim of innovating and professionalizing the sector, the new Garós Inductora hood, with an induction system and thermally insulated plenum, improves the efficiency and comfort of professionals who, in addition to cooking, want to enjoy their work space.

The new Garós Inductora hood aspires to be the key element of the extraction systems in large capacity industrial kitchens. With an external air supply plenum, LED lighting and super-efficient filters, the Garós Inductora is one of the most efficient extractor systems on the market.


It is difficult for us to highlight just one of its features and advantages, so we will tell you 6 reasons why this extractor hood can successfully complete your project:

  1. VERSATILITY: manufactured in various heights and formats according to the needs of the premises.
  2. MORE COMFORT: with a built-in air supply and thermally insulated plenum to prevent condensation and improve the room temperature. Thus, in a controlled manner, the atmosphere in the kitchen is kept in depression and odour leaks to adjacent areas are prevented.
  3. BETTER PERFORMANCE: designed with internal induction for better smoke extraction. The induction also keeps the fumes in the hot extraction area under the hood and isolates it from the rest of the kitchen.
  4. MORE EFFECTIVENESS: with the optional possibility of incorporating high-capacity, super-efficient filters for superior filtration. 
  5. BETTER EFFICIENCY: incorporates LED lighting, which in addition to complying with regulatory standards of lumens/m² in workspaces, are highly efficient and generate immediate energy savings and, consequently, economic savings.
  6. EASY MAINTENANCE: it offers better cleaning as it does not incorporate any visible joints.

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Like all Morgui Clima hoods, the Garós Inductora has a minimalist, functional design and excellent finishes. It is also welded in a single piece up to lengths of 7 m, without joints or screws and manufactured in 1 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel.

With the new Garós Inductora hood, Morgui Clima offers a solution capable, on its own, of creating efficient and comfortable work spaces in industrial kitchens.


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El Carbón Activo tu aliado y solución


Many industrial and commercial activities emit odours that can become annoying and inconvenience customers and/or neighbours. For this reason, Morgui Clima offers technical solutions focused on reducing odours through the application of activated carbon in different formats depending on the needs.

Activated carbon is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for adsorption. This characteristic makes it a great ally in adsorbing odours and maintaining clean air.


The design of odour filtration equipment with activated carbon by Morgui Clima achieves a filtration system capable of drastically reducing the intensity of odours caused by different types of volatile organic compounds (hydrocarbons, chlorine, solvents, food handling...). 

These units are modular, with a metallic structure, and are designed to adapt to multiple fume extraction installations and/or ventilation systems. They incorporate activated carbon filters inside, which can be either granular activated carbon or foam impregnated with activated carbon, type PPI20 of 1,800 g/m². Its capacity will depend on the number of filters it stores and will depend on the requirements of each project. The filters inside, placed horizontally and at a certain distance from each other, cause the polluted air to circulate, forcing the air flow to pass through the filters and be purified before exiting on the opposite side.

Their design allows these units to be easily inserted between the fume extraction ducts and incorporates lateral dampers for convenient and functional maintenance of the activated carbon filters. Morgui Clima odour control units operate under the following application guidelines: 

  1. Temperature: -20º C to 50º C (-4F to 122F).
  2. Humidity: 10-95% RH 
  3. Performance: Depending on saturation.

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Some examples of application of these odour filtration equipment with activated carbon are found in air conditioning machinery, kitchen fume extraction, paint booths or air with low concentration of organic solvents. 

In addition, Morgui Clima offers cylindrical activated carbon filters and V-CARB filters, V-shaped, multidihedral and high efficiency filters that are ideal for the deodorisation and purification of gaseous pollutants. 

If you already have an odour equipment, possibly the time to renew the filters has come. For a correct maintenance, we have the following products in stock:

  1. Grain activated carbon in bags of 25 Kg
  2. Activated carbon impregnated foam sheets (2x1 m)
  3. Activated carbon filters with metal frame of 490x490x25 mm

carbonactivo stock 1

 This range of Morgui Clima solutions allows you to maintain healthy work spaces and  industrial and/or commercial environments, providing great comfort and keeping the air clean and odour-free.




Water filtration is very useful in smoke extraction systems for embers, whether wood or coal, where soot is generated.

To reduce the size of the soot particles that reach the turbine as much as possible, it is essential to install water filtration equipment before the extraction box. 


At Morgui Clima we offer you different options:

1. HIDRO extractor hood: specially designed for barbecues, volcanic lava or charcoal embers, rotisseries or rotisserie chicken ovens, or any application where there is a high temperature that can affect the extractor, or in any kitchen with a high production of grease or waste.

This hood is manufactured with three stages of filtration:

1st stage: designed to filter fats through the refrigerated filters, achieving greater condensation effectiveness and lowering the temperature of the air reaching the extractor.

2nd stage: designed to decant the humidity or droplets that may be aspirated by the fan. The spray nozzles spread a uniform curtain of water. Water consumption is 0.3 l/min per nozzle, at 2 bar pressure and without the need for a pressure pump.

3rd stage: designed to separate the water droplets by means of the 490x400x25mm filters.


2. Water Filter Module (MFVH): it is especially suitable for the decantation and filtration of residues produced in wood or coal-fired ovens. It is designed to be connected to the smoke extraction duct just before the ventilation box.

It consists of three different stages: 

  1. Filtration of larger soot particles by means of a plate filter. In addition, the return of water droplets from the atomisers is prevented if the extractor is not switched on by mistake. 

  2. Mesh filter to collect the impurities contained in the aspirated air. The filter is completely soaked by the atomisers, filtering any impurities or grease that may remain volatile. 

  3. The filter plates filter droplets to prevent them from being expelled through the air outlet. It is supplied with a liquid collection tray with drain, which must be connected to a grease or sludge separator to prevent direct discharge into the sewage system.

3. Water Recirculation System: a complementary system to the 2 previous ones that allows substantial savings in energy and water consumption. By means of a mechanical filtration and another by decantation, this module of exclusive Morgui Clima design allows the water coming from the grease filtration systems to be reused by means of atomised water. If you want to know more details about this product, we invite you to consult the publication in our blog on the occasion of the international water day.


Finally, two last questions you may have asked yourself:

What does a water filtration system imply?

In the first instance, having the possibility of running water to the filtration system and also having a drain. In addition, like all filtration equipment, it requires demanding maintenance.

What are its objectives?

To improve the filtration efficiency, the lifetime of the system and to save energy and money in the long term.

In short, water filtration makes wood or charcoal barbecues compatible with clean, smoke-free spaces.

We are at your disposal for any further information you may require about water filtration.




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