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Last March, the Council of Ministers approved the update of the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE). The trend is clear: to design more efficient and intelligent installations. That is why building automation is a key point in every project.

Wireles Produal Proxima transmitter for room interface 2021 02 03 1024x535


Produal is a Finnish company with more than 30 years of experience in building automation, based on high quality, accurate and versatile measurements. It has more than 1000 control, measurement and actuation products with a design that makes them multifunctional, and also ensures easy installation.

Here we would like to highlight some of the latest news of this year:

Gamma Wireless Proxima Expansion
Wireless automation continues to grow. Produal has a broad portfolio of products that operate wirelessly. The Produal Proxima platform offers a 2.4 GHz MESH network that dynamically uses the most available communication frequencies in the building. The MESH platform enables wireless connection between devices using long-life batteries that provide an incredible lifetime for the entire installation.


A wireless base unit (WBU) is essential to enable a wireless installation. This is the base station for the input modules and transmitters of the Produal Proxima MESH wireless network. The information can be read with Modbus RTU and TCP or via the 6 analogue outputs.
The base unit is compatible with any Building Management System (BMS).
The range of wireless room transmitters compatible with the Produal Proxima MESH network is diverse, but all are powered by 3.6V batteries or 24V cable. The service life of the batteries is up to 8 years in operation at all times.
A new feature is that the CO₂ measurement has been added to the temperature and humidity measurement. Besides, noteworthy is the -AK model, which has an advanced setpoint knob that includes a display.


Finally, Produal's MyTool mobile app allows you to view and configure your installation via Bluetooth. The application is available for Android mobiles and can be downloaded free of charge at the following link.

You can check the range of Produal Wireless Proxima MESH products here.

BACnet connection
Interoperability is becoming increasingly important in building automation. For this reason, the range of products with BACnet language has been extended in 2021. We now have a complete family of multi-sensor room transmitters designed for monitoring temperature, humidity, CO₂ with automatic calibration, light level and occupancy. All of them can be used independently or within the BMS system via BACnet MS/TP communication.


You can look up all the products available with BACnet connection here.

At Morgui Clima we can assist you with any information you need and provide technical advice.

Let us be your reliable partner for measurement and control.

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espacios saludables rentables

Nowadays, it is really important to achieve the best ventilation and air quality in work and public spaces such as industrial kitchens, hotels, hospitals or shopping centres.

By incorporating regulation and control in the ventilation system, we can create healthy and comfortable environments that are even more efficient and profitable.

Within the regulation, our main ally is the variable frequency drive. This regulates the speed of electric motors (RPM) so that the electricity reaching the motor is adjusted to the real demand of the application, reducing the energy consumption of the motor between 20 and 70%.

The use of variable frequency drives for intelligent motor control has many operational and environmental benefits, as it improves productivity, increases energy efficiency and at the same time extends the lifetime of the equipment, preventing deterioration and avoiding unexpected stops that lead to downtime. Consequently, this also translates into economic savings, as production efficiency is a direct saving in costs and working time.
Depending on the application, there are various types and models of variable frequency drives. The first parameter to take into account is the input and output voltage, which can be single-phase or three-phase. Other aspects to take into account for a correct choice of frequency converter are the power of the motor (Kw) and its degree of protection (IP).

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On the other hand, measurement will help us to analyse results and, consequently, always try to constantly improve. Having equipment that measures air quality allows you to control your installations and act efficiently. A carbon dioxide (CO₂) sensor can be used to evaluate the ventilation of a room. With a CO₂ detector you can optimise ventilation, thermal comfort and ensure a healthy environment. It is recommended to use NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) devices which have been found to be more reliable. With these devices, not only do we achieve a healthier space, but also, if we know when the air needs to be renewed, we can save energy by activating the ventilation systems only when necessary.

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Originally published in Portal Digital de Eficiencia Energética y Sostenibilidad.

Today, April 7th, is World Health Day and for this reason we would like to share some success stories where we have recently installed AFX9 sensors.

The AFX-9 is the most competitive embedded controller on the market. It is designed for laboratories, climate engineering professionals for clean rooms, industries, data centres, ICU, isolation rooms and operating theatres.
Here is a brief report of some collaborations we have made with the country's healthcare system.


Im inicial


In hospitals
In the last months, several AFX9 sensors have been installed in operating theatres of a well-known Hospital Consortium of “Vallès Occidental”, and also more recently in health centres in the Canary Islands. Their function is to control the differential pressure, temperature and humidity in the operating room in order to maintain constant optimum temperature and humidity conditions, and to prevent the entry/exit of viruses and thus avoid contamination from the outside or the inside of these operating rooms.

This equipment has also been used in isolation rooms in the “Vallès Occidental” hospital for two different purposes: firstly, to control the temperature and humidity in order to guarantee the comfort and well-being of the patient who is admitted. Also, to maintain a depression inside the room and thus prevent the viruses for which it is isolated, such as the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes Covid-19, from going outside. The second function for which AFX9 is used in some isolation rooms is to ensure just the opposite effect: it is a protective function towards the patient, to prevent viruses and contaminants from entering the patient's room, for example, in those who suffer from immunological diseases and are immunosuppressed, or are undergoing treatment with immunosuppressive drugs, such as chemotherapy.

In all cases, customers who purchased these devices, given the pandemic situation, were widely satisfied for the reduced delivery time. Some equipment was delivered in less than 48 hours from the factory.
We would like to point out that these devices integrate the control function and this allows optimization of their BMS system (e.g. an SCADA). In addition, the equipment is so easy to configure which made unnecessary to send a technician on site to do the programming/installation of the equipment.


Covid-19 vaccine storage
During January, with the arrival of the first Moderna vaccines, one of the challenges was to set up controlled storage rooms before the vaccines landed at Barajas. In record time, we shipped 15 units of AFX9 controllers to the laboratories that acted as a receiving and logistics centre in Madrid.
In this case, the equipment was used to monitor and control the pressure, temperature and humidity variables to correctly conserve the vials of the Moderna vaccine against Covid-19 while it is distributed to the rest of Spain. The vaccine can be stored for up to six months at -20 °C, or up to thirty days at temperatures of 2-8 °C (common in most domestic refrigerators).
We are pleased to have done our bit with this collaboration because of the current importance of the vaccination campaign and its impact on collective health.


Im final


ECRO's AFX9 sensor, manufactured in France, is now an essential element in this type of installation throughout Europe. It is increasingly on demand, not only because of the technical advantages mentioned above, but also because of the large stock and fast delivery offered by the manufacturer throughout Europe.


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The AFX-9 is the new generation of laboratory displays developed by ECRO. It is designed for laboratories, clean room climate engineering, industries, data centres and operating theatres. Its new front design is available in anodised aluminium or multicoloured rigid PVC that meets the latest standards for maximum hygiene.

afx 9

The AFX-9 is a high quality controller that allows readings of differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and up to 6 other external variables. Thanks to its electroluminescent touch screen with variable colour set, the AFX-9 is very intuitive and easy to use. In addition, it is fully configurable according to the variables that need to be measured or controlled. It has several contact, analogue and Modbus built-in inputs and outputs.

This is the list of features that make it the most complete driver available today:

  • Free software.
  • Fully configurable.
  • Ready to read external devices of any brand, through 4...20 mi or 0...10 V signals.
  • Integrated PID control.
  • Optional temperature and hygrometry module, Plug & Play.
  • Anodised aluminium front panel with LCD touch screen.
  • IP65 protection.
  • Built-in visual and audible alarms.
  • Compatible with all types of pre-installations.

The AFX9 is fully developed, manufactured and tested in Europe (France). The AFX-9 controller complies with all the demanding EU regulations.

Currently, the demand for this equipment is growing, but even so, we can deliver it in a matter of weeks. Below, we share some success stories where we have recently installed the AFX9.


Do not hesitate to contact us and consult us, Morgui Clima's team of engineers will offer you technical advice and constant accompaniment in the execution of all your projects and also direct contact with the factory.

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