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Energy savings in professional kitchens

The price of energy has risen sharply in recent years and especially globally in recent months. The extra cost at the end of the month makes it worth looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. To this end, it is vital to be concerned about energy efficiency when planning any installation.

In professional kitchens, energy consumption is high due to the large number of electrical appliances in continuous operation. Ventilation and climatization do not lag behind in consumption either and for this reason at Morgui Clima we always advise you to invest in the energy efficiency of ventilation systems.

If you continue reading, you will find our recommendations on energy efficiency that every project should have:



Diseño extracción con BIM

One of the basic premises is the design of the ventilation and smoke extraction installation. The calculation of air flow rates, pipe runs, pressure losses or the choice of motors for the installation is the first step to ensure that it meets the needs. A good dimensioning of the installation allows the energy to be used to be optimised to the maximum.

In the same way, a good design of the installation implies including compensation of the extraction of the hood, with the supply of outside air. This is one of the points that most influences energy savings in kitchens, where air-conditioning installations (either in the kitchen itself or in other rooms) and extraction systems coexist.



Convertidor de frecuencia

Within the regulation, our main ally is the variable frequency drive. This regulates the frequency and voltage of the electrical signal that reaches the motor, to adjust the speed at which it rotates (rpm's) according to the real demand of the application. It is able to reduce the motor's energy consumption by between 40 and 50%.

Intelligent motor control has many operational and environmental advantages. The use of frequency converters improves productivity, increases energy efficiency and at the same time extends the useful life of the equipment. Consequently, the correct management of electricity consumption translates into direct cost savings.



ruck8Motors account for a high percentage of total energy consumption in the European Union. Consequently, the European Commission has for some years now been updating the regulations to promote the use of high-efficiency electric motors, also known as high-efficiency motors. According to IEC standards, there are currently three classes of motors in use:

- IE1: STANDARD efficiency.

- IE2: HIGH efficiency.

- IE3: PREMIUM efficiency.

According to European standards, IE1 motors can no longer be used and IE2 motors must always be equipped with a variable frequency drive.

The way forward is clear: the future lies in fans and ventilation boxes with IE3 motors or higher, with premium efficiency, lower pressure losses, lower temperatures and therefore longer service life and greater economy. This also helps to reduce CO₂ emissions, one of the most important sustainability targets set by the authorities.




LED technology represents a breakthrough in energy efficiency. Today, there is no alternative to this technology, which consumes 2.5 times less than a conventional energy-saving bulb and 8.9 times less than an incandescent bulb. They save a great deal of energy and are the most environmentally friendly option.

For these reasons, Morgui extractor hoods incorporate LED lighting, with IP54/65 protection and which are perfectly integrated into the hood.



TRC Produal

Building optimisation starts with measurement. To manage buildings cost-effectively and sustainably, you need more and more data that is accurate and reliable. That's why we work to provide reliable measurement and control instrumentation that allows you to design smart installations that save you a lot of money and time, especially in maintenance.

Morgui Clima and the Finnish brand Produal share your goal of optimal building performance, comfort and health. Therefore, we take quality control and measurement devices and their easy connectivity very seriously.


Now, more than ever, it makes perfect sense to invest in energy saving. Investing in our project with efficiency and sustainability in mind quickly pays for itself in the energy savings achieved. Thus, it recovers the difference in price that may exist with respect to an installation carried out without these criteria and guaranteeing subsequent economic savings on a permanent basis.


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We are pleased to present the new image of our extractor hoods. The Morgui brand logo is now much sharper and therefore more visible.

This new graphic identification of the extractor hoods is transversal to all Morgui extractor hood models. We have designed it with a material called MetalFlex and with the colour Black Pearl.

With this new design, you will want to show off even more our extractor hoods, because the new identification brings to the extractor hoods a set of improvements that we highlight below:

  • It is much more visible and recognisable from afar, without taking up a disproportionate surface area like other brands.
  • It is not intrusive and does not degrade the stainless steel.
  • The finish is polished and shiny, giving a more elegant look to the extractor hood.
  • It is resistant and durable.
  • The relief is the minimum necessary to guarantee the contrast and thus ensure that dirt does not accumulate, and cleaning and maintenance is easy.

Morgui Clima is an innovative company that is committed to our own elegant design and we believe in our way of looking at products and installations, trusting in our creativity to improve day by day.

From today, our extractor hoods made of stainless steel AISI 304, have a new image improving aesthetically the product without deforming the steel. All Morgui industrial extractor hoods are welded and built in one piece to reduce assembly time, avoid possible linear deformations and facilitate cleaning.

From this month, the new Morgui brand logo adds quality to the product as a result of the effort and dedication of all the departments of the Morgui Clima team that have been involved.

With this new image we offer a better finished, visible and functional product.



Usually, we talk about hospitality projects and products for smoke extraction in bars, restaurants and hotels. However, at Morgui Clima we also carry out a lot of work in schools that have a canteen service.

We are now right in the period where these projects start to spring up and are being planned for the school holiday months. During the months of May and June, the number of requests to change the extractor hoods in school kitchens multiplies. And there is also an increase in improvements to ventilation systems in classrooms.

For this reason, today we share with you our experience in smoke extraction in schools:


campana escola


In most cases, schools are fairly simple installations with few special applications. Hence, the aesthetic simplicity and functionality of the kitchens set the tone in extractor hood replacement projects. The simplest and most functional models, i.e., the standard models of our hoods, take centre stage.

Without neglecting safety and quality finishes, at Morgui Clima we have several models of extractor hoods that meet these requirements. In this sense, we highlight that Morgui hoods comply with all current UNE regulations, are welded in a single piece with excellent finishes that facilitate cleaning, access to all parts and avoid accidental cuts.

Check here what they are





Preventing cooking odours in communal areas of schools is another major challenge. To this end, we are considering the installation of two essential components: on the one hand, the UNIC 400 extraction box, which guarantees high-performance, efficient, noise-free and easy-to-maintain smoke extraction. On the other hand, we incorporate filtration systems to treat and clean the air to reduce unpleasant smells, purify and guarantee a good air quality which ensures healthy and safe spaces.

See all the options here



Today, in the post-pandemic era, this factor has become extremely relevant. To such an extent that public institutions have updated the regulations, implementing protocols to be carried out in educational centres, in order to make substantial improvements in the quality of the air.

At Morgui Clima we have developed ideal equipment to achieve this purpose: to improve the air that the youngest members of the family breathe and to have a direct impact on the comfort of those who care for them. In particular, we have applied filtration systems and purifiers, as well as air quality control with CO₂ probes that automate the ventilation system according to the need to renew the air.

Click on this link to find out what options are available


In short, what wouldn't we do for the well-being of the little ones in the house? And all this can be achieved with an economic investment adjusted to all the needs of the project. Investments that can be quickly amortised with the energy savings that you are going to achieve.

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We are always with you, taking care of the air for you, also at this time of the year and in this kind of projects. Thank you for your trust!

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Odours, greasy fumes, heat, humidity and combustion residues are a daily occurrence in professional kitchens. Smoke extraction fans are directly affected by this, as they are exposed to high levels of grease, oil and heat. Ventilation systems must therefore meet very high requirements. 

RUCK smoke extraction fans have been designed precisely to meet these requirements. Furthermore, from the existing and well-known series that allow a maximum operation of up to 120°, the new fans are now available up to 200° in continuous operation and 400°/120 minutes. 



In particular, the MPS series is especially suitable for the extraction of air from industrial kitchens with charcoal grills that generate large amounts of soot and grease particles. 

This single inlet centrifugal fan, with jet blades, withstands 200 °C continuous operation and with built-in IE3 motor is fire-resistant to 400 °C/2 h according to UNE - EN 12101-3.

Its design offers easy maintenance and cleaning, as its hinged door with handle allows quick and easy access to the turbine.


In addition, the same unit is fully configurable according to the needs of the installation, thanks to its three possible discharge directions: right, left and top.

The IE3 premium efficiency motor and with different power ratings depending on the size, is 230/400 V at 50 Hz and can be regulated by means of a variable frequency drive, achieving optimum performance at all times.


Finally, the housing is made of galvanised steel, with 40 mm mineral wool insulation (sandwich type) and incorporates a drain plug for grease drainage.

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With RUCK fans, you exceed all current requirements in terms of efficiency, hygiene and safety, ensuring the longevity of the product and smoke extraction in professional kitchens.

Professional, safe and efficient smoke extraction with Ruck Ventilatoren & Morgui Clima.


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