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Dear customer / supplier / collaborator,

Above all, we want to wish you all well and express our best wishes to all, because for Morgui Clima SL the health of our workers, clients, suppliers, collaborators, as well as that of your loved ones, is the most essential.

This is why, in spite of the difficulties that we have to cope because of the pandemic, Morgui Clima SL is once again fully active from 04-14-20, bearing in mind all the security measures of our own. As long as the changing environment allows us, from Monday to Friday we open our warehouses to make deliveries and we again offer face-to-face commercial attention.

The protocols and measures to carry it out are:


  • Customer service (while the confinement lasts): from 8am to 1:00pm from Monday to Friday.
  • Delivery and reception of goods: from 8am to 1:00pm, Monday to Friday.

We will make all deliveries and receptions of material on the established schedule without interruption. We have enough stock to supply our clients. Even so, regardless of our chore, delivery times may suffer some variations.

In our offices we have half face-to-face staff and half telecommuting in order to offer our best service, both in those cases where face-to-face care is essential and in those cases that can be offered remotely. Despite this, and to safeguard the health of all, we would appreciate if you do not contact us by e-mail or telephone if it is not an emergency.

  • We can assist you via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or via e-mails from our colleagues who can be found on our website).
  • You will find us by phone 934607575 or on the mobile phones of our colleagues in sales, logistics, administration and finance.
  • We have canceled ALL trips and technical visits. We will do our best to substitute these visits through calls and video calls.

Prevention measures:

  • Our warehouse staff uses a specific disinfectant spray to be able to treat all the packages going through our hands.
  • All our staff has PPE adapted to its workplace and has disinfectant material of all kinds.
  • We have cleaning and disinfection service.
  • We actively ask those people who need to visit our facilities to comply with all the hygiene recommendations: they can wash their hands with the hydroalcoholic solutions that we offer at the entrances. Besides, we would appreciate that they maintain the safety distance of 2 meters with those professionals that they attend them, and that if they enter the facilities they use a mask and gloves.

And in any case, given the changes that are taking place day by day regarding measures to be taken, we will continue to keep you updated via e-mail of any news that may be of your interest.


Morgui Clima Team

Since the health of the employees, clients and suppliers of Morgui Clima SL comes first; and to be able to facilitate teleworking tasks, and at the same time, in the midst of this changing environment, to be able to give meaning to our vocation of customer service; we have decided to make the following schedule until further indications from the Government:
Monday to Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 13:45 p.m.
We thank our clients and suppliers in advance for prioritizing their queries via telematics (telephone, skype or e-mail) to fully comply with the confinement recommendations given by the authorities.
We thus hope to be able to provide professional care to everyone while ensuring the safety and health of all those we love.

Nova Tarifa eng

After a lot of work, we have here the New Morgui Clima Products Catalog.

Boto descarregues eng


Do you want us to send you a paper copy? Answer this short form and we will send it to you by post mail:

Boto demanar eng

And if you want to know more about its new design and content, read on...

With a complete format renovation, Morgui Clima presents its new Product Catalog, which includes more products than ever, with a renewed image and a new presentation format.

This new catalog aims to provide a much more intuitive reading and presents 11 different product categories:

- Morgui Extractor Hoods and Complements.

- Fans and Ventilation Boxes.

- Regulation and Electrical Material.

- Frico Air Curtains.

- Instrumentation and control.

- Clean Rooms.

- Filtration.

- Pipe and accessories.

- Diffusion.

- Heating equipment.

- Installation Accessories.

In addition, in its first pages you will find information about Morgui Clima (history, equipment, services...) and three thematic indexes that will make more easier your search for the products by alphabetically, by category or by graphically.

In the part of the end of the catalog, we provide useful technical information for your projects and to facilitate our collaboration, as well as you will find the certifications of our products.

We hope that this new catalog is to your liking and becomes an indispensable and very functional tool for your working day.

Thank you for stay with us year after year.



These are the 5 most read news in our blog throughout the past year 2019.

As usual for these dates, we like to review the statistics of the news and articles that we share promptly with our entire community.

What better way to be informed of the latest developments in industrial ventilation, filtration and instrumentation than to check the news of our blog at

Below you have the opportunity to read some of the most outstanding articles of this past 2019. Here is our TOP 5:

1. New Extrator Hood Xerta

With the aim of continuing to meet the needs of our customers and offer products that respond to their requirements, we have designed the new XERTA extractor hood.

 2. LED Lighting for Extractor Hoods

The LED revolution is already a fact. Its performance, durability and energy savings are factors that no longer can be overlooked in an industrial kitchen.

3. Our Wishes for 2019
This past 2019 we wanted to continue contributing with different entities that work for a fairer and better world.

4. 22nd Anniversary of Morgui Clima
It has been more than 2 decades of effort and perseverance to offer our customers a close and quality service. Thanks to customers, suppliers and collaborators for following us.

5. New Produal Proxima Wireless Range
The wireless future and our new generation of Produal Proxima® MESH solutions will make you rely on building automation without cables.

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