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Morgui Clima embodies the confidence and innovation of the industrial sector. We are a technological benchmark in the hood industry and air treatment, thanks to our innovative designs and the high quality of our products. The Morgui staff experience combined with youth and freshness, and his industry knowledge have established Morgui Clima as a solid and responsible company.

How did we start?

Morgui Clima S.L. was created on April 18, 1997. For a time, Jordi Morgui and Maite Esteve,  Morgui Clima SL managers had been observing that a company was needed to take care of the specific needs of customers and consumers of the industrial market of extraction, ventilation and air filtration and that could respond to these demands that were often neglected.

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In MORGUI CLIMA S.L, we have the will to be a specialized company in the own design and the commercialization of industrial products, all of them of high quality, for the extraction, ventilation and filtration of the air.

Mission and Vision:

We want to give our customers an excellent service at all levels, in a consistent way over the time.

With the vision to keep as a national referent in the field of extraction, filtration and industrial ventilation, evolving according to the needs of our customers and consumers of technological innovations, from the perspective of sustainability and respect to the environment. 


We are a strong, effective and responsible company, with a wide knowledge of the sector. Our team embodies innovation and confidence, and our products are a reflection of this technical and human quality, that makes up our company.


UB (Universitat de Barcelona)

UAB (Universitat Autònoma de BCN)

UdG (Universitat de Girona)

EADA (Escola d’Alta Direcció i Administració)

ONG’s / Foundations / Federations:

Banc d’Aliments

Fundació Pare Manel

La Marató

Plataforma per la Llengua

Cercle Català de Negocis

Federació d’Empresaris de Badalona

Foment, Pimec


Cambra de Comerç


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