General terms of sale

The prices of our rate can be modified by MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. at any time, affecting all orders that have not been accepted by MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. The prices contained in our rate are advisable for sale to the public. The current VAT will be applied to all invoices. MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. reserves the right to modify its products and prices without prior notice.

Offers and minimum sale
A minimum amount of € 20.00 is established to issue an invoice. In sales of lower amounts and due to the high administrative cost, the invoices will be settled by cash payment. The price referred to in the offers is the net price in stock for the equipment offered, in case of order the current VAT will be applied to the net price. The offers are binding and their conditions will be valid for thirty (30) days unless otherwise indicated in the offer. Until the offer is confirmed with an official order, the material offered that could be recorded as stock material is not reserved, so that the products can be sold at any time to a third party, and MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. does not guarantee the sufficiency of the products in stock within the term of an offer.

All merchandise will travel due; We would appreciate that the client indicates the agency in his order. Exceptionally, MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. You can take care of the postage, always with prior agreement with the commercial manager of the area, being excluded from shipping by MORGUI CLIMA, SL, whatever its amount: piping, filtering blanket, filtering foam and any volume and small material value. Any claim regarding the state of the material will only be attended by MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. If the customer, at the time of receipt, has submitted the corresponding claim to the carrier. In case MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. In charge of contracting transport, the company reserves the right to choose the means of transport, agency or carrier. MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. is not responsible for delivery deferrals that may suffer a shipment due to holiday periods, strikes, weather conditions or other incidents outside our company. The prices referred to in our rate are for unpackaged products, and exceptionally MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. will assume the cost of packaging, always prior agreement with the commercial manager of the area. For exports and shipments to the Canary Islands and Andorra, the terms are Incoterms 2000 EXW from the warehouse of MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. That is, MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. puts the merchandise available to the buyer in our facilities / factory / warehouse. All expenses from that moment are paid by the buyer. In case of import products, the freight charge of supplier, factory or distributor to MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. It is not included in the price referred to in the product rate or the price per unit product. In case of shipping due, the risk of loss and damage to equipment / materials is transferred to the customer, once the material has left our facilities. When the goods are received by the customer, it is up to him to accept the shipment, check it and confirm that the units are correct, that the package is not externally damaged and that the material is in good condition and technically in accordance with the accepted order and the delivery note. MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. It also recommends that before using, installing or resending the material, the customer rechecks the materials carefully again. If the material is damaged it is necessary that it be communicated in writing (e-mail, fax or certified letter) to MORGUI CLIMA, S.L.

Packing and warranty
Any special packaging requested by the customer will be billed at your expense. The warranty is limited to the replacement of parts with factory defect.
MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. It is not responsible for defects caused by misuse, defective handling or improper installation.

Order confirmation
Confirmation of the telephone order by fax, e-mail or written document is required for acceptance. For orders of special material a percentage payment must be made to the amount thereof, in advance, a condition that will be essential to process the order at the factory.

Payment conditions
The first operation will always be made in cash and before the delivery of the material. If the material is not available in stock or is of special construction, payment will be made before the product is made. No variation in the payment method agreed between MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. and the customer when the material has already been billed. Likewise, the expenses caused by unpaid debts not attributable to the error of MORGUI CLIMA, S.L., must be paid in full by the client.

Delivery term
The delivery time of materials not available in our stock will always be approximate. MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. It is not responsible for possible delays during the transport of goods.

Material Returns
No return of special manufacturing material will be accepted. Returns of stock material will not be accepted if there is no prior written communication, or by fax and / or confirmed by telephone with our commercial area manager. Returns must be accompanied by the following documentation: delivery note number and invoice number, if any. The shipping of the material to be returned will always be the responsibility of the customer. The materials will be paid according to the conditions of the state of the material at the time of its reception in our warehouses, with MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. the right to stipulate the subscription price. Used, connected or installed material will not be accepted. In case of disagreement, the customer may withdraw the material within three months, from the date of delivery, otherwise and after that period, MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. You will have the material at your convenience. The shipping of the returned material will always be the responsibility of the customer. Start-up not included in the price of the equipment. Ask us for prices of the accessories for the installation of the equipment in case it does not appear in the offer. Supplementary budget to this offer must be requested, if any type of certificate of this equipment is necessary by a company outside MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. Certificates must be requested prior to manufacturing. The type and wording of the certificates, as well as their traceability, is subject to the existing regulations, the internal regulations of the manufacturer and the internal regulations of the certifying laboratory.

MORGUI CLIMA, S.L. reserves the right to modify its products and prices without prior notice.

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