Rectangular, Oval or Shunt Duct

Galvanized ducts less popular. Manufacture as per order. Rectangular shaped duct E / 300º / 90 or galvanized 400º/2h, depending on the different applications. Optional insulated inside with M1 insulation.

Oval ducting ideal when the aesthetic factor is very important. Accessories and special parts to adapt to the circular and rectangular duct.

Shunt ducting with rubber gasket and inner ducts for extraction of the independent kitchen’s smokes, as specified per the standard CTE (Codi Tècnic d’Edificació (28/03/06)).

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The oval galvanized duct is the perfect complement to our duct offer, combining and assembling to ...


The rectangular duct complies with the UNEIX 100-101 and UNEIX 100-102 norms, which specifies its ...


Improves the ventilation of the hoods.

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