LED lighting for your extractor hood


The LED revolution is already a fact. Its performance, durability and energy savings are factors that can no longer be overlooked.

Morgui Clima focuses its efforts on designing extractor hoods that improve the comfort of the cooks and all the kitchen staff, and having a well-lit cooking zone is essential for this.

The different options offered by this type of lighting allow you to design a work space adapted to each one of the needs that your professional kitchen requires.

What kind of luminaire do we propose?

CLUV122: rectangular recessed LED luminaire, ideal for lighting large cooking zones, grills, ovens or industrial plates and kitchen blocks with several in-line cooking elements.

CLUSL: LED recessed luminaire in focal format, ideal for concentrating lighting at certain points, individual cooking elements or small format such as semidomestic fryers, fires and small appliances.

CLAENCLED: linear LED luminaire to be installed perimetrally in the plenum joint or in the grease collection channel, in a decorative way.

The 3 models can be supplied in 4K (white light) or 3K (warm light), and their insulation protection is IP67.

In addition, the design of all models allows easy and fast maintenance through its front diffuser, without having to access over the extractor hood.

You want to know more? Remember that ens ten a la teva completa disposition at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. i telèfon 93.460.75.75.

We will be happy to assist you and collaborate with you on your new projects.

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