UNIC RS 400º/2H simple aspiration ventilation box (reaction). Simple aspiration ventilation box with built-in fan in its interior approved to drive air at 400ºC.

· Single ear ventilation box and transmission engine, designed for smoke extraction.
· Incorporates THLE 400º / 2h centrifugal fan with reaction blades.
· Built in aluminum profiles or galvanized steel sheet and with practicable side covers, made of galvanized or lacquered steel sheet.
· Detachable structure.
· Enclosure with internal insulation of Politec B-S3 d0 foam, 10mm thick.
· Connection between fan and enclosure with removable connection flanges between suction and discharge nozzles to facilitate maintenance.
· Anti-vibration elastic seal of fire classification A1 in suction and discharge nozzles.
· Transmission using SPZ belts and pulleys in two pieces (moyu and crown). Built-in tensioning base.
· Adjustable with frequency converter. IE2 three-phase motors.
· Configuration in 4 positions, P1 and P2 with horizontal output (VUHR code) and P3 and P4 with vertical output (VUVR code).
· The sandwich finish can be done in two modalities: with smooth sheet or perforated sheet.
· The sandwich panel incorporates insulation with 15 mm thick thermoacoustic material in closed-cell polyethylene foam of fire classification A2.

Thecnical Data Sheet
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