Extractor hood designed for steam aspirations produced by ovens or cooking equipment that do not produce smoke. This model incorporates a self-condensation system that allows no exit to the outside.

Morgui hood welded and built in on piece up to 7m length, reducing the assembly time and linear deformation, eliminating the leakage between joins and non-visible dirt. The lower tray, fully welded is incorporated to the whole without the possibility of leakage. The fat picking trail is connected to the lower tray. The hoods are made of stainless AISI 304 1mm thickness steel, Non visible ceiling in galvanized steel. All endings are in double fold of steel sheet avoiding all kind of cuts and accidents. Without hidden bolts and strange edges for easier cleaning.  Its tubular structure achieves a greater robustness of the whole. Manufactured in a range of heights from 400 to 500 mm. The length and the depth sizes are made as per order. When it is required there can be incorporated a plenum to improve the aspiration distribution. Possibility of special hood constructions. (e.g. different attachable pieces, stainless steel all built, couplings, special angles, square shaped hoods, etc.). As a filtrating system or steam decanter and drop separator, the hood features a triple maze which separates the drops and the vapors into the tray, thanks to its special design it obliges the aspirated air to have different accelerations and 180º turns, achieving the milestone to condensate and separate the aspirated vapors through centrifugation. With its special design the collecting tray is easy to maintain and to clean.

The Vapor FRIG Series includes a small refrigerator to cool a plate placed in the interior of the hood. When the air goes through the maze of the hood it runs along the cooled plate causing the steam condensation. This allows the recirculation of the aspirated air, sending it back to the local.  This particular solution is recommended when there is no possibility to throw the aspirated air to the exterior through an evacuation duct. It can only be applied in ovens which only produce vapor.

Technical Data Sheet

Installation Manual

Maintenance Manual


Morgui Clima SL manufactures its own MORGUI branded hoods specially designed for hostelry sector. 
The high quality of it hoods fully welded made them ideal for installations where the quality performance and the finishes are the professional target.
The arrange of available hoods is very wide with different height in order to adapt to any installation.

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