The research carried out for months culminates with the creation of a new series of extractor hoods.

With the aim of continuing to meet the needs of our customers and offer products that respond to their requirements, we have
designed the new XERTA extractor hood.

Our vocation of service and constant proactive listening have allowed us to name the needs of our customers and decide which
extractor hood to install in a professional kitchen. We took 
note of the needs of our clients and the demands of the market, 
and we made a list of indispensable requirements:

  • Large hood for great performance.
  • Adaptable in height according to kitchen conditions.
  • Smooth front, without plenum board.
  • Closed roof (without regulation) for easy cleaning.
  • Thermally insulated plenum to avoid condensation.
  • Optional luminaires
  • Designed to be hold in isle or wall for greater versatility.
  • Under current technical regulations.

Download here your TECHNICAL DATA SHEET.

This is the new XERTA extractor hood, designed by and for our most demanding customers.

You want to know more? Remember that ens ten a la teva completa disposition at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. i telèfon 93.460.75.75.
We will be happy to assist you and collaborate with you on your new projects.


The LED revolution is already a fact. Its performance, durability and energy savings are factors that can no longer be overlooked.

Morgui Clima focuses its efforts on designing extractor hoods that improve the comfort of the cooks and all the kitchen staff, and having a well-lit cooking zone is essential for this.

The different options offered by this type of lighting allow you to design a work space adapted to each one of the needs that your professional kitchen requires.

What kind of luminaire do we propose?

CLUV122: rectangular recessed LED luminaire, ideal for lighting large cooking zones, grills, ovens or industrial plates and kitchen blocks with several in-line cooking elements.

CLUSL: LED recessed luminaire in focal format, ideal for concentrating lighting at certain points, individual cooking elements or small format such as semidomestic fryers, fires and small appliances.

CLAENCLED: linear LED luminaire to be installed perimetrally in the plenum joint or in the grease collection channel, in a decorative way.

The 3 models can be supplied in 4K (white light) or 3K (warm light), and their insulation protection is IP67.

In addition, the design of all models allows easy and fast maintenance through its front diffuser, without having to access over the extractor hood.

You want to know more? Remember that ens ten a la teva completa disposition at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. i telèfon 93.460.75.75.

We will be happy to assist you and collaborate with you on your new projects.

Serveis principal

Morgui Clima accompany you throughout the project (planning, development, installation, commissioning) to meet your most demanding objectives.
Because the correct extraction of smoke and ventilation from your professional kitchen is as or more important than any other design decision, finish or functionality.

The hob, the cooking elements, the oven, the extractor hood, the smoke extraction ... Where do I start?
No matter where, but with whom. Many suppliers can offer you quality products, but few will advise you during the whole process of analysis, planning, purchasing and installation.

Below we detail some of the most outstanding services that Morgui Clima provides to each of our clients:

1. Customized and professionalized service
The professional and tailored service of our technicians will guarantee you the most professional solution for your installations.

2. Engineering and digitalization of projects
Projects with a meticulous exhaustive calculation, by means of last generation softwares (BIM implementation).

3. High quality and functionality
Efficiency and maximum performance of all machinery, built with the best materials and finishes of high quality, to achieve comfortable and durable facilities.
Our hoods and ventilation boxes have CE Certificate. In addition, year after year, Morgui Clima renews its ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate.

4. Design and innovation
I+D+i in industrial ventilation. We design and innovate in each of the projects we create. You put the limit.

5. Stock and transportation
Wide catalogue in stock for fast and efficient delivery. Consult us the different delivery options we have available.

All this and much more in each of our projects. Take advantage and download now all the technical sheets you want from our web portal: extractor hoods and air boxes.

Once again, thank you for staying with us year after year. Remember that you have us at your complete disposal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and at 93.460.75.75.
We will be happy to assist you and collaborate with you on your new projects.

Reis 2019

Morgui Climate wishes you a 2019 full of solidarity, health and happiness.

This 2019 we want to continue contributing our bit and collaborate with different entities that work for a fairer and better world.

The commitment to the society that surrounds us and social responsibility are fundamental in our daily activities.

The passion, professionalism and effort with which these non-profit entities work identifies us 100%, and for this reason we encourage you to know the activities they develop and to collaborate with them as much as possible.

  • La Marató de TV3: This past 2018 has raised, to date, more than € 10M in funds for research against cancer.
  • Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu #paralosvalientes: Collection of funds for the construction of an exclusive hospital for children with cancer.
  • Pare Manel Foundation: Lead projects of social and educational action with families who are in a situation of greater vulnerability.
  • 4 Pautes Foundation: Fosters respect for animals and defends their interests and the right to life and liberty.
  • Plataforma per la Llengua: Promotes the Catalan language as a tool for social cohesion.
  • Robotics Team of the Sant Andreu School: Participated in the International Final of the World Robot Olympiad, competition to demonstrate the ingenuity and technological talent to design robotic solutions to problems associated with agriculture and world food.

We take this opportunity to wish you happy 2019 and that the Magi of the East bring you a lot of health and happiness.


We hope that next 2019 you can fulfill all your purposes. Thank you for your confidence year after year.
This year we want to share with you the contents of the suitcase that we take on vacation. A suitcase with the values of Morgui Clima, because we understand them as a way of life beyond work. Take the ones you want and share them with family and friends.
Click on each of them and access some ideas.



For this Christmas, surround yourself with yours.

Share those special moments

with who else you care.



Do you host any of the Christmas meals?

Prepare a different dish.

Surprise your guests with something original.



Know well the likes of your family and friends.

Surely they appreciate that Santa Claus or the Magi

bring some detail that really deludes you.



decoracio estrella

If this year you get rid of preparing food

Christmas, help your host and

collaborates in the organization and decoration.




Be punctual. Whoever waits for you is anxious to see you,

so go ahead, do not delay and use

an efficient transport.




If you take care of preparing a dish, choose good stuff

cousin. The quality ingredients will help you to elaborate

good dishes.

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